Career planning and management course for youngsters with different abilities

Online learning course for relevant topics and with tools for own quality career planning and management for interested individuals

Last Updated : 14/04/2024
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What is this course about?

The online course “Career planning and management course for youngsters with different abilities” is developed for empowering youngsters with disabilities in fields of career orientation, planning and management.

The target group of this online course are youngsters with different abilities. Course offers additional module for youth workers, in order to present the topics to them and prepare them to work on the topics of career planning and management.

The course contains 7 modules. Modules 1-6 are developed for youngsters.
First module offers a comprehensive and accessible approach to understanding and managing career. Second module is a comprehensive guide to help understand and navigate the path of career development, tailored to meet diverse needs and capabilities. In the third module participants will discover the key strategies for effective interviewing, creating compelling resumes and cover letters, and leveraging unique strengths. Fourth module is focused on topics of career plans and problem solving, while the fifth module tackles the topic of balancing between the career and private life. Sixth module is dedicated to using gained knowledge through previous 5 modules, and developing career plan.

Seventh module is a bonus module to youth workers, designed specifically for youth workers who are passionate about making a significant impact in career management for young people, especially those with disabilities.


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