Frequently Asked Questions

When are courses available?

Courses are available at all times. All courses are self-paced which means that you can start the course whenever you want.

How long are the courses available?

Once you start the course, all content and lessons will be available for 14 days. If you don’t finish within that timeframe, you will lose the progress. 

How to start learning?

Please, register your profile at the platform. Once registered, you will receive an activation email. After you activate your account, all public courses are available for you.

I didn't get an activation email

Sometimes, emails are marked as spam, so please check your SPAM folder or PROMOTIONS folder (if using Gmail). 
If the email is in spam, mark it as “Not a spam”. 

I am getting message "You don't currently have access to this course" when I try to click on the module of specific course

Check if you are enrolled to the specific course you want to watch. You can check by going on the top of the page of the online course. If the option “Take this Course” is visible that means you are not enrolled in the course. Click on the button, and the content will become available.

Keep in mind that courses are available for 14 days. After that period you will need to enrol to the course again, if you want to go through the learning experience.

I am getting error message when I try to login

This is an issue we are aware of, and our team is working on solving the issue as soon as possible.

In order to access your profile, please use Login option at top right corner of the website. This login option always works. 

In case you are experiencing some other kind of Login issue(s) please reach out to us by sending mail to

Do I have to go through course at once?

You don’t have to. Once you start the course, the system is following your progress and you can follow up on where you left. You can access whenever you want, within the timeframe of 14 days. 

How does the course look like?

Courses are interactive. We use videos, audios, interactive graphics and quizzes in our courses. You can use any device to access lessons. 
Once you start a lesson, click on Open content and you will see the content of the lesson.

Do I get a Youthpass for completing a course?

No, you do not. There are no certificates for completing a courses, at least not at the moment. 

Stay tuned with the updates of our company, we are planning to release certificates for online courses provided on our platform in the upcoming months. 

When I click "Mark as complete", nothing happens.

It is necessary to go through all the content within the lessons for the button “Mark as complete” to appear. 
In some courses, it is required to finish a lesson to continue to the next one. 

I have problems with viewing course and content of the platform on my mobile phone

Our platform is best to be used on the laptop or desktops. Tablets are also a good substitute for a laptop or a desktop.

User experience on the mobile phones is not the best, thus we recommend laptops/desktops or tablets as a substitute. Our team is constantly working on improvements of the user experience, and the updates of the platform will soon reflect on the mobile devices as well.